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As of March 2023, JSTS has a new newsletter: The JSTS Paceline! 

The JSTS Paceline Newsletter is a collaborative effort which all members are encouraged to participate in. This is YOUR NEWSLETTER. Let’s make it great!!! We are looking for cycling articles you found interesting or a pertinent cycling topic you think our members would enjoy. Also, every month we would like to have two short articles from our members. Here are just a few suggestions:

● How did you first get involved in cycling?

● Tell us about a memorable cycling trip or club ride

● Why did you join JSTS and what do you like about the club?

● How a member made you a better cyclist?

● Anything you think may be of interest to our cycling community

Nothing elaborate. As a guideline, just a few paragraphs and a word count of 700, give or take. Please submit content by the 15th of the month, for inclusion in upcoming issues.

We would also like to call out a NEW CLUB MEMBER every month. If you are new to JSTS let us know if you would like to answer about 6 short questions. Really easy and quick. This is a great way to introduce you to all our members!!!

C’mon, we know you have stories you can share. Drop us a note and send in your stories at:

JSTS Historical Newsletters

Back before the days of email and social media (and before the internet even existed!), JSTS used to publish newsletters in printed form.  These newsletters, called "The Shore Thing", were then physically mailed to members each month, along with a printed copy of the ride schedule and route sheets for the month.  As time went on, the the ride schedule, route sheets, and newsletters were all published online (to save both time and money).  Finally, as social media became more prominent, the monthly "Newsletter" ceased to be produced. Below is a sample of a few of those Historical Newsletters, including the very first one when the club was first organized.  Happy reading!







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