JSTS Ride Safety

As riders with JSTS it is especially important that we set a positive example and always obey traffic rules. Bicyclists have the same responsibilities as motor vehicles by law. This includes the observing of stop signs, red lights, one way roads, pedestrian crossings, etc.  "Share the road" is a two-way street, and we cannot expect drivers to yield to cyclists if cyclists don't also follow the rules.

Always ride defensively. As cyclists we should ride in a predictable manner and watch out for motorists that endanger us with irresponsible or careless driving. Remember to stop and look both ways at intersections and traffic lights, because even in neon, we are harder to see than a car. Motorists become used to looking for other cars, not cyclists. Establish eye contact with motorists or raise your hand in a "hold up" motion and double check even if the leading rider calls out "clear."

It is safest to ride single file, in groups of 12 or less. Cyclists who ride in the middle of the road put the entire group in danger. The biggest complaint against cyclists is they don’t give the motorist enough room to safely pass. When somebody calls “car back,” everyone should be in position to allow the vehicle to pass. Failure to do so puts everybody, including the motorist, at risk. A little courteous riding goes a long way to ensure a safe, enjoyable ride for the entire group.

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