Important Ride Notes

  • COVID-19: Special riding guidelines are in effect

  • Ride Leaders: Any changes/cancellations should be done at least 90 minutes before the ride start. When emailing members about changes to an individual ride, be sure to include the ride location, date, time, and pace (where applicable) in the subject of the email. If you just say something like "today", and people read the email late, it can lead to confusion.

  • Ride Schedule Changes: For expediency, change requests should be sent to the ride coordinator.

  • Proper ID: All riders are encouraged to wear identification, including emergency contact info (RoadID or similar), on all rides. In addition, all must adhere to our Rider Guidelines and Ride Leader Guidelines when riding with JSTS.

  • Leading Rides: Interested in leading a ride, but don't like the ride that is scheduled? Feel free to review our route library, and send an email to the ride coordinator with any changes to the scheduled ride(s) you would like made.

  • Route Sheets: Access to route sheets is restricted to JSTS members only.  Please print out your own copy of the route sheet and bring it to the ride, since ride leaders may only have a limited number of copies with them, if any.

  • Volunteer Needed: If a volunteer is needed to lead a ride, you can volunteer by sending an email to the ride coordinator, providing the date, time and location of the ride you are volunteering to lead.

  • No Ride Leader: If no one has signed up in advance to lead a ride, then members are asked to bring a route sheet and sign-in sheet (including a non-member waiver sheet and an incident report form) to the ride, and a leader should be chosen from those who show up to ride. If there's no sign-in sheet, then it's not a club ride, and there is no insurance coverage for any riders! Completed sign-in sheets should be sent to our secretary. (Here's a blank sign-in sheet without the Waiver and Injury Report.)

Jersey Shore Touring Society is a 501(c)(7) non-profit organization.  P.O. Box 8581, Red Bank, NJ 07701

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