Important Ride Notes

  • Registering for Rides:  All outdoor rides are MEMBER ONLY, and advance registration is required.  When completing the registration process, please be sure to leave the box checked for "Include name in list of event registrants".  We understand the desire to keep contact details hidden from the "public", but since our rides are for MEMBERS ONLY, your information will only be available to other members (NOT the public). Unfortunately we are unable to change the label on the registration form to make this clear, but you can confirm that it is hidden from the public if you simply logout of the website and then try to see the list of registrants on ANY ride.  We kindly ask that you leave the box checked when registering for any JSTS rides.

  • Ride Leaders: If the situation requires you to change or cancel a ride, please try to send out notice at least 90 minutes before the start of a ride. Go the JSTS website and go to the “Ride Calendar.”  Select the specific ride, and in the upper right hand side of the page is a link: Ride Leader - SEND EMAIL TO GOOGLE GROUP ABOUT THIS RIDE. This will bring you to a window in your email client which will be pre-populated with the (or in the bcc field. Do not change it. Also, the subject line will be pre-populated with the correct ride information. Do not change it. In the body of the email you should type your message and select the send button.

  • E-Bikes: If you will be riding an E-Bike on a JSTS group ride, please be sure to review the E-Bike Accommodations.

  • Ride Schedule Additions (MEMBERS ONLY): To request that a new club ride be added to the calendar, please complete the form found here.

  • Ride Schedule Changes: For expediency, change requests should be sent to the ride coordinator.

  • Proper ID: All riders are encouraged to wear identification, including emergency contact info (RoadID or similar), on all rides. In addition, all must adhere to our Rider Guidelines and Ride Leader Guidelines when riding with JSTS.

  • Leading Rides: If you are the scheduled ride leader and don’t like the planned route, feel free to review the route library, and send an email to the ride coordinator with any changes to the scheduled ride(s) you would like made.  If other planned rides are scheduled to do the same listed route, reach out to the other ride leader to discuss your recommended route change, prior to communicating to the ride coordinator.

  • Route Sheets: Access to route sheets is restricted to JSTS members only.  Members are expected to download the planned route to their GPS device or bring their own route sheets.

  • Volunteer Needed: If a volunteer is needed to lead a ride, you can volunteer by sending an email to the ride coordinator, providing the date, time, location and pace of the ride you are volunteering to lead.

Jersey Shore Touring Society is a 501(c)(7) non-profit organization.  P.O. Box 8581, Red Bank, NJ 07701

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