Using Discord during JSTS Group Rides

If you wish to enhance your experience during a JSTS Zwift Group Ride, you can communicate with other participants utilizing an app called Discord.  JSTS has setup a server on Discord with voice channels for use during  JSTS Zwift Group Rides.  Simply click on this link to join the JSTS Server on Discord, and look for the Voice Channels that are named "Zwift...".  Most rides will use the primary channel named "Zwift #1".  Occasionally, when there are two groups riding at the same time, the secondary channel "Zwift #2" may be used.  If you don't find your fellow Zwifters on channel #1, then check channel #2.

If this is going to be your first ride using Discord, you should make sure everything is setup and working properly at least one (1) day in advance of the start of the ride.  You are strongly encouraged to utilize headphones when using Discord in order to minimize the background noise typically generated by the bicycle trainer (even if you have a really really quiet one).  You can purchase fairly inexpensive Bluetooth headphones online for around $20-30.  Also, if you use a fan while you ride (the kind that blows air, not the kind that cheers you on), then make sure the fan is not blowing directly at the microphone.

What's with the really loud music when I use Discord for a JSTS Zwift Group Ride?

Some ride leaders may choose to play a motivational music track on the Discord voice channel during their rides.  This music is provided using a "bot" known as "FredBoat".  "FredBoat" will appear as a user in the Discord voice channel, just like all of the other real users, and Discord allows you to control the volume of each user (specifically how loud they sound to you).

Simply tap (or right-click if you are on a computer) on the user "FredBoat", and you should see a slide control for "Volume".  Click and drag the little white dot to the left to lower the volume of that user (or to the right to raise the volume).  Note that the volume will not adjust until you release the little white dot (i.e., the volume does not adjust in real-time as you are adjusting the slider).  You can also "Mute" FredBoat to completely silence the music (or any other user for that matter).

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