Pre-ride Speaking Points

Below is a list of speaking points that should be covered for EACH AND EVERY RIDE prior to departing. For rides that have a pre-designated ride leader, these points are typically covered by the ride leader. For Peer Led Rides, any member(s) in attendance are welcome to cover the points on behalf of the group.

  • Any new members?  New to this ride?
  • Everyone registered?
  • Access everyone’s contact info?
  • Route sheet or on GPS? (or don’t ride up front).
  • Destination, distance, pace, rest stops.
  • Changes to route? Areas for extra caution?
  • Steady, constant effort. No surging! No-drop!
  • Ride ahead and miss a turn -- you’re on your own!
  • No more than two abreast (when traffic permits).
  • Do not overlap wheels!
  • Call and/or point out hazards (echo down the line).
  • Call MECHANICAL to stop group.
  • Front/rear lights fully charged and ON.
  • Any questions?
  • Headcount before departing.

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