JSTS Zwift Group Ride Leaders

JSTS Zwift Group Rides are "Zwift Meetups", and you can only join a Zwift Meetup if you get an invite from the person that creates the meetup.  In order for the creator of a JSTS Zwift Group Ride to send you an invite to one of their rides, you need to be following them.  Below is the list of JSTS Zwift Group Ride Leaders that you should follow in order to receive invites to JSTS Zwift Group Rides.

If you're not sure what it means to "follow someone on Zwift", then read this article about JOINING A ZWIFTER ON A RIDE.

You should follow ALL of these ride leaders, as any of them may lead any of the JSTS Zwift Group Rides.  When searching for their name on Zwift, make sure to type it exactly as displayed below (yes, some of their Zwift User Names have spaces in strange places).

 Ride LeaderZwift User Name Phone Number
 John McNamara"John McNamara JSTS" 917-941-9945
 Robert Nuara "M rPresident JSTS" 732-239-0303
 Pat Perrella"P Perrella JSTS" 609-738-5603
 Jean Roy"Jean Roy JSTS"  732-221-1224
 Daryl Southwood"Daryl Southwood (OTR) Badgers" 908-347-8282
Steve Srolovitz "S Srolovitz JSTS" 732-539-0433
 Bill Winterbottom"Bill. winterbottom-JSTS"  732-598-3575

Still need some help?  Feel free to reach out to any of our Zwift Ride Leaders (listed above) or our Ride Coordinator, and they'll be more than happy to try and answer any questions you have.

Wanna know how you can lead JSTS Zwift Group Rides?  Just reach out to one of our ride leaders!

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