Peer Led Rides

Peer Led Rides is a new pilot program that JSTS is testing for the 2024 Road Riding Season.  Here are the highlights of the program:
  • Peer led rides are for well-established recurring rides that are typically attended by experienced members.
  • Rides have a pre-designated route.
  • The ride calendar will not indicate a pre-designated individual Ride Leader.  Instead, all members are designated as ride ambassadors and are expected to:
    • Welcome new members
    • Be responsible to the group
    • Cover the Pre-ride Speaking Points
    • Look out for anyone having a particularly difficult day (everyone is responsible for making sure no one gets dropped!!!)
  • Rides will have no official cancellations.  Individual members are expected to use their judgement regarding the suitability of the weather conditions for the specified ride.  Members are encouraged to reach out to other members that are registered for the ride if they wish to collaborate on a decision of whether or not to ride.  All members have access to the list of registered members for every ride.
  • As with all rides, members are requested to cancel their registration if they decide not to ride.  Registration for a ride can be cancelled by simply clicking on "Already Registered" for a given ride.
  • Rides will show up on the Ride Calendar as "Peer Led", with a link to this page describing the program.

If you have general questions about a Peer Led Ride (ex: "is this ride appropriate for me?"), please feel free to reach out to one of these ride representatives:

Your feedback on this program is greatly appreciated!  Please let us know if you have any thoughts/comments on how we can improve this program.  Just drop a line to our ride coordinator!


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