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The JSTS Ascend online clothing store has returned! It is open through Sunday, May 15th. Clothing prices are the same as last time the store was open. The selection of items (jerseys, jackets, vests, shorts & bib shorts) is similar to those available last spring – with one main difference. All these items are available in both traditional (lighthouse) and retro styles. Last year, jerseys were available in the 40th anniversary commemorative design, but that was a “limited time offer” that is no longer available.

The store is open through Sunday, May 15, 2022. Production will start shortly after the store closes, and items will be delivered in 5 – 7 weeks after that date. Please review the fitting and clothing detail information below.

Here is the link to JSTS Ascend Store to PLACE YOUR ORDER:

Once again, it is only open through Sunday, May 15, 2022.

JSTS Store Support:

If you have general questions about how to order on the web site, contact Jean Roy and he can probably help:


Mobile: 732-221-1224

If you have specific questions about clothing items (advice on fitting, fabric, etc.), contact Nicole Thompson who is our Ascend representative:


Phone: 800-894-7105 ext.124

NOTES (sizing and other details)

    • Ignore the “MY ACCOUNT” link at the top of the page. You do not need to have an account on the Ascend web site to order clothes.
    • The store home page displays everything except the wind vests – they’re on a second page (go to the bottom and click the link to that page).
    • Jersey Details:
      1. Both the Elevate and Volare Elite style jerseys are available in two designs: Main (traditional) and Retro.  The 40th Anniversary design is no longer available.
      2. Jersey fit: The Sport Cut fit is normal, and the Relaxed Cut fit is a little more roomy.  If you want to match the fit of an old Club Cut jersey (Club Cut is no longer available), select a Relaxed Cut jersey one size larger than the Club Cut jersey.  For example, a Medium Club Cut jersey = a Large Relaxed Cut jersey.

      3. All jerseys are available in short sleeve, long sleeve and sleeveless – there’s a drop-down selection list on each shirt’s description page.
      4. The jerseys have a full-length front zipper that detaches.
      5. The jerseys have a vertical zipper on the right rear pocket. 
    • Jacket/Vest Details:
      1. Sizing: Jackets/vests have the same fit as Sport Cut jerseys for men and women. If you fit in a Large Sport Cut Jersey, get a Large jacket/vest. If you fit in a Relaxed Cut jersey, get a jacket/vest one size larger (if you wear a Large Relaxed Cut jersey, get an Extra-Large jacket/vest).
      2. Wind jackets/vests are thin and have very sheer and breathable backs. Each jacket has a toggle and cord on the center rear pocket so it can be folded into the pocket and closed into a pouch. No pocket zippers.
      3. Thermal jackets/vests are heavy and should be quite warm. They have a vertical zipper on the right rear pocket. No toggles.
    • Bib/Short Details:
      1. The main page only shows pictures of bib shorts. You can select either bib or plain shorts on each short/bib description page.

Happy ordering!

Jean Roy

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