JSTS Frostbite Series 2020

  • December 01, 2020
  • January 03, 2021


  • Free registration required (so you can specify your t-shirt size)

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You must be a current member of JSTS in order participate in this event. You must either already be a member for 2020, or for new members, you can pay your 2021 membership dues now, and your membership starts immediately.

Please be sure to REGISTER for this event so that you can submit your desired t-shirt size (should you complete the series).

Would you bicycle in cold weather -not just once- (and not just twice or thrice) for a custom t-shirt? Well then, you're our kind of zany. It'll take you 4 club rides of your choice on any 4 weekends in December to qualify for the prize.


Ride any 4 separate weekends in the month of December to complete the series (mix-and-match from either of the 2 options below):

  • Road Rides: There are road rides scheduled for every Saturday morning and every Sunday morning.
  • Mountain Bike Rides: Mountain bike rides are scheduled for every weekend.

NOTE:  Riding twice in one weekend does not suffice for a missed weekend.  You must ride on 4 separate weekends.  See the detailed rules below.


The Ride Leader must then confirm the actual list of riders via email to the Frostbite Administrator by end-of-day on the Tuesday following the ride.  Members who register for a ride and don't end up riding, don't get credit for the ride.


All riders MUST pre-register for each ride in order to receive credit for the ride.


Once the series begins, check out the Frostbite Tracking spreadsheet to make sure you got credit for all the rides you did!


  • Complete 4 club rides on 4 separate weekends to earn a Frostbite T-shirt.
  • If New Jersey declares a state of emergency, all rides on that day are automatically cancelled.
  • Cancellation: A ride leader can cancel a ride due to conditions the ride leader believes make it unsafe to ride (e.g. snow; heavy rain, dense fog, extreme wind, or extreme low temperatures), with notice given (via email) 90 minutes before the ride.  See section below about "make-up rides".
  • Minimum duration: Road rides must be at least 10 miles long and mountain rides must go at least 1 hour.
  • If Christmas falls on a weekend, a ride can be on another day around that weekend.
  • If rides take place on fewer than 4 weekends in December due to canceled rides, the Frostbite Series will carry over to the first full weekend in January. This ensures that riders have earned the Frostbite shirt vs. showing up to sign in.
  • Any situations which arise that are not clearly covered by these rules will be decided by the Board at their sole discretion.


If rides take place on fewer than 4 Saturdays and/or 4 Sundays for a given ride-type and pace as a result of "original rides" being cancelled due to inclement weather or dangerous riding conditions (as determined by the ride leader), then "make-up rides" will be scheduled on the Saturdays and/or Sundays immediately following the original ride schedule in order to provide the opportunity for each ride-type and pace to participate in rides on 4 Saturdays and/or Sundays.  There will not be any make-up rides for rides that are cancelled for other reasons (like the lack of a ride leader).

Saturday make-up rides will be scheduled on Saturdays, and Sunday make-up rides will be scheduled on Sundays.  Each scheduled "make-up ride" will be associated with the specific "original ride" that it is replacing, and participation in a specific "make-up ride" will give the member credit as if they rode during the "original ride" that was cancelled.

If make-up rides are subsequently cancelled (as described above), they will continue to be rescheduled to subsequent weekends until rides take place on 4 Saturdays and 4 Sundays for each ride-type and pace.

Let's look at a few examples for clarity.  Assume there are 3 sets of rides schedule during the Frostbite Series (MTB, Road A/B+, and Road B/C), and there are a total of 4 Saturdays and 5 Sundays during the month of December.

  • If the only MTB ride that is cancelled is on the Sunday for Weekend #5, then there will be no MTB make-up rides (since there were still 4 Saturday and 4 Sunday MTB rides).

  • If both "Road A/B+" rides are cancelled for Weekend #3 (Saturday and Sunday), then there will only be a make-up ride scheduled for Saturday (since there were only 3 Saturday rides, but still 4 Sunday rides). Participating in the Saturday make-up ride will be tracked as if the member rode on the Saturday during Weekend #3. If that member participated in the Sunday MTB ride during Weekend #3, then doing the Saturday Road A/B+ make-up ride does not given them credit for riding during an additional weekend. This is because even though the Saturday make-up ride for Weekend #3 takes place in January, it counts as if the member did the Saturday ride during Weekend #3, and the member already got credit for doing the Sunday MTB ride during Weekend #3.

  • If "Road B/C" rides are cancelled for the Sunday on Weekend #1, and both rides during Weekends #2 and #3 (both Saturdays and Sundays), then there will be make-up rides scheduled for 2 Saturdays and 2 Sundays. Even though 3 Sunday rides were cancelled, there will only be 2 make-up rides for Sunday since there were already 2 Sunday rides. The same rules apply with regard to getting credit for the make-up rides as explained immediately above.

  • Continuing on from the example above (for the "Road B/C" rides), the Saturday make-up rides would be scheduled for the first 2 Saturdays in January, and would count as rides during Weekends #2 and #3 (the only Saturday rides that were cancelled), respectively. The Sunday make-up rides would be scheduled for the first 2 Sundays in January, and would count as rides during Weekends #1 and #2 (the first 2 Sunday rides that were cancelled). If the Sunday make-up ride scheduled for the first Sunday in January also gets cancelled, then it would be rescheduled until the third Sunday in January (since the second Sunday in January already has the make-up ride for Weekend #2). The make-up ride scheduled for the third Sunday in January would count as a make-up for the Sunday of Weekend #1.

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