JSTS Cycling Topics
Ride Safety
A little courteous riding goes a long way!
Message From the President
A Message From Our President
Learn how to do your part to make JSTS a better club.
New Member Information
Things you need to know to make your first couple of rides comfortable.
Pedals & Shoes
Information on clip-less pedals and shoes
Correct Helmet Fit
Important Information about buying and wearing helmets
Up Front
An article about the correct way to ride a pace line
The Dog Dilemma
It's not fun to be chased by a tire biter.
Calorie Calculator
Figure out how many calories you burn cycling.
Email Distribution Lists
Want to keep up-to-date on what's happening at JSTS? Just subscribe to our email distribution lists!
Bicycle Advocacy
Learn what JSTS is doing to promote recreational cycling in NJ
Monmouth County Park System Trail Maintenance
We all enjoy riding the trails in our County Parks. Please help to keep them great.
Regional Events
Rides and Events in the Region
Bike Vermont with CJSC
A weekend in Vermont road riding through the Randolph and Moss Glen Valleys; mountain biking on Lake Champlain.
Club Clothing
We are once again taking orders for JSTS clothing
Video Clips