New Member Information

You've joined JSTS…now what? Well, if you haven’t already it’s time to meet the crew. Show up at any of our rides (at least 15-20 mins prior to ride start time) and ask for the ride leader. Announce yourself as a new member and you will be asked to sign in. Club members are eager to help new members get started and make them feel comfortable on the first couple of rides. We know it could be intimidating to walk up to a group of strangers and ask to ride with them. Leave all fear and anxiety at home because JSTS welcomes new members. And one last thing, prepare to have fun!

Items to bring:
A helmet is required on all JSTS Rides
Make sure your bicycle in good mechanical condition.
I pair of sunglasses keeps bugs out of your eyes and helps with road glare.
Plenty of water
A spare tire tube
A bicycle mounted pump
Riding gloves

Be prepared to ride the advertised length and pace.