June 24 - 29, 2005 - Bike Virginia 2005

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Nearly a dozen JSTS club members attended this awesome event (including your favorite roving photographer... me!)

Rather than post the pictures directly on the JSTS web site, I have posted them to the Netscape Photo Center (powered by Snapfish). This site will allow you to order prints of any pictures you like... starting as low as only 12 cents per print! When you go to the web site, you will have to create a Snapfish account (if you don't already have one). A Snapfish account is FREE, as is your access to the pictures.

If you want me to send you hi-res digital files for any of the prints, just let me know, and I will send them to you. Please note the image numbers in your request. Thanks!

I took 406 pictures over 6 days! What can I say... I got a new camera and I had to try it out!!! In order to make it easier to navigate the incredible number of photos from this trip, the photos are organized into separate albums for each day. Just click on the links below to access each album, sign-in, and click on "Play Slideshow".. It may take a while to open each album, especially the larger ones... be patient!


Bike Virginia 2005 (June 24, Day 0)
The trip down
(51 photos)

Bike Virginia 2005 (June 25, Day 1)
Ride around Roanoke (and visit to The Roanoke Star!)
(74 photos)

Bike Virginia 2005 (June 26, Day 2)
Ride to Lexington
(105 photos)

Bike Virginia 2005 (June 27, Day 3)
The Century (don't miss the photos of Goshen Pass!)
(95 photos)

Bike Virginia 2005 (June 28, Day 4)
The climb up Mount Vesuvius (spectacular views from Skyline Drive / Blue Ridge Mountain Parkway, where we met Dennis & Geri Stewart on their Transcontinental Triathalon Tour)
(48 photos)

Bike Virginia 2005 (June 29, Day 5)
Ride back to Roanoke... and then home
(33 photos)